This site has been set-up to become a large resource for comparisons between all kinds, brands and types of the so called “wavetable synthesis” cards that were (and are) on the market in the DOS game era, late 80’s and begin to half of the 90’s. In fact, the term wavetable is actually misleading as the devices we’re talking about here do not produce their tones by using this method of synthesis but rather by playing back pre-recorded samples of various instruments. A correct term would be sample-based synthesis or ROMpler, but the term wavetable has been used so intensively throughout history that this is the term which everybody knows what it’s about. The comparison section is devided into several sub categories. Mainly it is, of course, music of various DOS games but also sections exist for other genres of music to more effectively show the strenghts and weaknesses for a certain genre on a certain MIDI device. If you feel there is something missing like a specific midi track, a device or even a whole section, just send me an e-mail and I will see if it’s possible to make room for your suggestion. Also, since I do not own all hardware myself (anymore), I have to rely on the kindness of other people’s efforts to make this site as complete as possible. If you have a certain device that hasn’t been mentioned here, or a device is ‘missing’ in a certain track, and want to contribute to this site, please send me an e-mail with the details. But please keep in mind: I can only offer my eternal gratitude. 🙂