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Complete site-history: [29-January-2021] Updated: Missing recordings of MidiPlus MiniEngine USB [24-January-2021] Contributed: Recordings of Labway LWHA111800 to all sections (Thanks to Karl – Contributed: Recordings of Gravis UltraSound Extreme (1MB) to all sections...


Listed here are all the synths I currently own. Behringer DeepMind 6 Analog 6-voice Polyphonic Synthesizer Sound generator: True Analog Subtractive Synthesis Polyphony: 6 Year of introduction: 2017 Novation MiniNova Synthesizer/Vocoder Sound generator: Virtual...

Sigil (Doom Episode 5)

Introduction (Lands of Ire)   E5M1 (Hate Machine)   E5M2 (You Ain’t The Boss O’ Me)   E5M9 (Adrenaline In The Blood)