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Listed here are all the synths I currently own. Behringer DeepMind 6 Analog 6-voice Polyphonic Synthesizer Sound generator: True Analog Subtractive Synthesis Polyphony: 6 Year of introduction: 2017 Novation MiniNova Synthesizer/Vocoder Sound generator: Virtual...

Sigil (Doom Episode 5)

Introduction (Lands of Ire)   E5M1 (Hate Machine)   E5M2 (You Ain’t The Boss O’ Me)   E5M9 (Adrenaline In The Blood)

PC Soundcard reviews

Here are various (old) PC Soundcard reviews from various computer magazines (Dutch and English). Computer!Totaal – Dutch April 1994 Article can be downloaded here. Article name: Digitaal Surfen “Dein mee op de geluidsgolven” Soundcards...